Wilson: ‘Karius’ hopes to prove himself in Cup final

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Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson believes Loris Karius, who wants to prove himself in the Carabao Cup final against Manchester United, will

face Red Devils” in the final of the Carabao Cup. Which will be play this Sunday,

Karius has the opportunity to play against the post in that game. After the main character, Nick Pope, was bann. After being fire by a red card in last weekend’s game. Second-choice Martin Dubravka is cup-tied. After playing for Manchester United in the same competition this season. But Karius has not had a good experience playing for United.play final Having made a mistake in the 2018 Champions League final that saw Liverpool lose to Real Madrid,

Wilson believe Karius is determin to prove himself here. After a mistake five years ago ruined his career path.

As a result of the England international’s dismissal in the 2-0 home loss to Liverpool, Pope will miss Newcastle’s next three games, including their first cup final since 1999. When they take on Man Utd in this Sunday’s Carabao Cup showpiece. Martin Dubravka is cup-tied. After playing for the Red Devils during his short loan spell at Old Trafford earlier this season. Leaving Karius and fourth-choice Mark Gillespie – who has yet to feature in the Premier League at the age of 29 – as their only goalkeeping options.

“That game [the 2018 Champions League final] took his career to the brink. So he has a lot to prove to people,” he told the UFABET.

that This game will be filled with emotion. which I think will be a very special day.”