‘Marcelo’ reveals he wants to return to Real Madrid

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Marcelo admits he wants to return to Real Madrid again “White King” for 15 years before splitting up last summer When his contract expired,

the 34-year-old moved from the Bernabeu to join Olympiakos on a season-long contract,

but Marcelo’s journey in fairytales came to an end. When he ended his contract with Olympiakos this month after just 10 appearances,

Marcelo recently terminated his contract with Olympiacos and now finds himself, aged 34, looking for a new destination. This week, he sat down to chat with ufabet journalist Martin Ainstein, in his ‘Diarios De Bicicleta’ programme on ufabet During their chat, Marcelo opened up about how difficult he found it to be regularly watching games from the subs’ bench – something that he assumed would happened before he joined Olympiacos and putting the team before his own needs.

Marcelo admitted he wanted to return to Madrid to help young players.

“Real Madrid is my home,” he said. He said in an interview with UFABET 

: “I came here at 18 and learned the motto this club holds from players like Raul (Gonzalez), Iker Casillas and Sergio Ram. Oh, to be honest I didn’t feel like leaving Real Madrid at all.”

“I want to come back. I want to try to help children in need. Like me when I moved at 18.”