Loki insists he’s happy with ‘Emiliano Martinez’

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Aston Villa boss Unai Emery breaks down the cracks Confirmed happy with Emiliano Martinez and the goldkeeper is also happy for his new challenge at the club. Last week, Emery criticized Martinez for

improving his decision-making. After the Argentine checkpoint Fill up to play a corner kick. And then hit the counter game, losing more goals, losing 4-2 to Arsenal,

which caused the news that Emery was not impressed with Martinez and was ready to listen to offers. For releasing the 30-year-old goalkeeper from the team

this summer, “Singha Rising” has a Premier League program to visit Everton and during media interviews before the game. He was asked about Emiliano Martinez’s future.

“Martinez is a very good person. He’s also a very good keeper,” the Spaniard told UFABET.

“Emiliano Martinez has improved a lot. he already has experience And now he is the best keeper for us ′′

We must be happy for Martinez because he is very attached to Aston Villa and even more after he became a world champion

. Nez and world champions are very important. But he also knows that the new challenge is now at Aston Villa because the club took him three years ago and Martinez is very happy about the challenge

. Martinez about what we can do together at Villa, is to try to improve. and uses his experience to help the club both in the next game Including next year as well.