Dens giants hack ‘Bruno’ for silly penalty shoot-out

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Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel slammed Bruno Fernandes for conceding a stupid penalty in last night’s game against Barcelona

. “Boon Rock” in the 2nd leg of the Europa League play-off round After a 2-2 draw in the first leg last week,

Bruno caused the hosts to concede a penalty after pulling Alejandro Balde down in the penalty area and Robert Lewandowski. who passed the ball through the hands of David de Gea into the net It was a 1-0 lead

, Schmeichel blamed Bruno for making a stupid mistake until the team conceded a penalty. Ready to point out that this shin should control himself instead of arguing with the director because of such matters. the UFABET report

“It looked like a penalty. It was stupid to pull an opponent down in the box while Alejandro Balde was moving away from the goal,” he said.

“Bruno pulled him down, it was stupid. It’s clearly a penalty. It was absurd and unnecessary. “

Balde was moving away from the door. He can’t do anything. Let him go! One thing you can’t let happen in a big game like this is a mistake ′′ ′′

Bruno Fernandes will still argue with the referee. He had to control himself and start concentrating and He made several bad passes and conceded unnecessary penalties. He owes his teammates and he has to control himself.

” Let them win with a score of 2-1.